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 · Clay Starbuck claimed Chanin met men online, and slept with them. Police found evidence of Chanin’s relationships on her laptop computer. Chanin’s sons told a newspaper Chanin Starbuck is a mother of five looking forward to a fresh start after divorcing her ex husband, Clay. She starts dating online and meets several men who appear to be nice guys, Chanin starbuck online dating - Want to meet eligible single man who share your zest for life? Indeed, for those who've tried and failed to find the right man offline, online dating can  · Starbuck then used his ex-wife’s phone to text message two men she’d met through online dating websites, posing as her. Chanin Starbuck had been a stay-at-home mom  · year-old Loghan Starbuck was last seen on December 18, in Cheney, Washington. Her older brother, Blake, told Dateline that Loghan is very driven. “She won't take ... read more

She stated the judge in Alaska awarded him temporary custody until she was able to get back to court and prove that she was a fit mother and that this was a ploy by Clay. She state Jesse, her daughter, has no relationship with clay. She stated she recalls a time when they were separated when he went up to Alaska to work and she tried to call him and could not get a hold of him for two weeks. She stated she finally got a hold him on the phone about 2 am and he was being very quiet and she later found out from him, after he admitted it, that he had an affair with an old girlfriend.

She later found out what Chlamydia was from her sister. She stated she caught it from Clay. She stated Clay had all kinds of pornography all over the house. She would find it. She stated she would find him parked at pornography business frequently. She stated that Clay thinks everybody else is stupid. She stated he is demeaning and belittling. She stated grandma and grandpa Starbuck are very nice people. She stated that Kathy and Clay were the only siblings.

She stated the allegations of affairs and the transmission of venereal disease are mentioned in the divorce file. She stated that Clay had admitted during the divorce in seeing other women. She stated there are only two times when she saw Clay become really angry. One of the times was when she had won a judgment against him for thousands of dollars in back child support.

She stated that was in or She stated that his dividends had been garnished as a result of that. She stated another time was when she agreed to meet him in Portland so Clay could visit the kids.

She stated she met him at a restaurant to drop the kids off. She stated that Clay invited her in to eat. She went in and he made passes at her so she left.

She stated that she recalled a time when Chanin called her during the first divorce between Chanin and Clay, just before Chanin left and she had told Chanin about the incident when Clay made passes at her. She stated Clay almost got fired from Alyeska for sending pornography over the internet. She stated that during a Christmas Eve, she and talked to Chanin, she received a call from clay, he was mad and wanted to know why she told Chanin what she did. She stated that she knew Chanin had her own issues from what she had heard from the kids.

She stated Clay does not have a conscience. She stated that Kayla is very pretty. She stated that she also heard from Drew and Kayla that Chanin had a camera in her house and that she was attempting to catch Clay entering the residence. She stated she moved in with her parents after the divorce. She stated her parents who were afraid of Clay.

She credited living with her parents for remaining safe from Clay. She stated her father has dementia issues. She stated that Jesse is close with the half siblings and she is very concerned about them.

She stated that she thinks that Chanin may have hung in the marriage for too long and played too many games with Clay. She stated Clay liked to see who he could fool and what he could get away with. She then said Clay is the strangest guy she has ever know.

She said clay could be very charming when he wanted. She stated she is aware the Betty Starbuck and Kathy Nashold has called Drew and Jesse since his arrest and raked them over the coals for not supporting their father more. She stated while was married she was aware of an incident where Clay went after one of her friends Laura Ray. She stated that she was married to Clay and Laura was married also. She stated Clay tried to get her to Lura to have sex with him and he scared her.

She stated she would find her number and provide it to me. Investigation is continuing. It was unnecessary to keep repeating SHE STATED. You could have just said SHE STATED THE FOLLOWING. It sounds like both partners had some dysfunctional coping patterns. Perhaps the wife was bipolar or had a sex addiction. These disorders can be effectively treated. However, often couples either do not seek professional help or wait until the situation has deteriorated.

Who are you, Barbara? Dr Phil? No professional degree or experience in psychology, counseling or psychiatry but have all the answers. lead prosecutor should be in jail not clay…. Those kids will be fine. happy holidays! Nice victim blaming, you and Clay would be best buddies. I just listened to this Dateline episode on Podcast. Here is what I mean; someone correct me if I missed some facts somewhere. State assumes that she was murdered the morning of Dec. Here is what bothers me about that call.

If the killer was present when the call was placed by the deceased, and having the call back by the dispatcher;. All the personal attacks aside, of both deceased and convicted, and for those screaming of his absolute guilt or his absolute innocents, please stop! So many innocent people whom the juries found guilty turned out to be innocent later on, and people who should have been locked up roamed free for many years.

I am troubled by the basic lack of evidence and substandard investigation work in this case. If her time of death is later than what the State assumes, then all those alibis mean nothing. Fruit of the Poisonous Tree Doctrine, anyone? Clay set it up so she and the kids would be out of the house. Chanin never told her friends she was afraid of anyone else but Clay. I watch Dateline all the time. This is one of the few stories that has continued to bother me over the years and was shocked to see that Clay is still in prison.

I did not see arrogance, I saw confidence in the fact that he knows he is innocent. It seems that some were more worried about protecting her character then about putting a father in prison for life.

We all have our own views on what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior. That is the human nature. I absolutely am disgusted how they twisted the DNA! What happened to the DNA found on her neck? As for reference to the nickname Marsh for Marshal.

She absolutely could have talked of her children and used his nickname in a conversation to anyone. From what has been shared….. There is complete reasonable doubt in this case and I cannot believe our justice system has failed yet another person. Beyond a reasonable doubt!! There is so much doubt here.. I hope you all get true justice for your mom and your dad is set free. The DNA? I have to know why that has not been put into the system? They are catching past criminals left and right on the news.

How about using it to free an innocent man. He was dating again and the only time he came over was to take the kids to school, and at her request to help with odd maintenance jobs. He was fully aware of her sexual promiscuity and watched their kids whenever she went out of town to get sex from random strangers.

One sexual partner DID though. John Wilson whatever his name is a proven LIAR just in his cheating on his wife alone. He had reason and motive not to speak truthfully, and even produced a fake receipt, thus lying to police! If they have relevant evidence, that is different. Cognitive dissonance enables them to believe the unbelievable because the alternative is even more incredible — and too painful — for them. If it helps this family to proclaim and fight for innocence, so be it: that is what love does.

Compelling counter-evidence, if it exists, is a matter for law. If I murdered someone and tried to get away with it my friends and family would back me up and they would never believe I would be capable of it. If the family thinks that the murderer was one of the people she was dating, and they have access to all this information on these men, then why did they not find one email or text that could show anger that was directed towards Chanin? I would say that Clay was stalking Chanin.

There is one detail in his Dateline interview that has not been talked about, which I think is directly related to what happened. He said that he and Chanin had been together many times since they divorced.

I think that he planned to get together with her on that morning and surprise her when she got home. He thinking that this would be just another one of those times, but what if she made up her mind to not have any more encounters with Clay?

What if he surprised her by getting naked and making his approach. What if she did resist and she scratched him in the struggle. She scratched him somewhere below the waist where no one checked if there were any marks? With her determination that these visits would end, she threatened to call to enforce the restraining order and he knew that he could go to jail?

So, resolved to be done with the sexual encounters from her ex-husband, she calls. He flips out. Now he has lots of anger. Makes sense on how this could have shaken down. Still makes him guilty even though he did it in a fit of rage.

May be a good question, but why would you do that if you are trying to get lucky rather than rejected and shut down? How can I contact his family directly, about questions I did not see in this forum. I totally believe in his innocence, and feel this is a grave injustice!!!

I feel for not only Clay, but also all those whom believe in his innocence. You can send me a private message through Starbuck Family — Free Clay on Facebook. I believe clay is innocent! I pray for those kids! And to the oldest you are an amazing young man for caring for your siblings!

I cant believe is appeal didnt work! I hope you all can get in touch with innocence progect to help yall! Thank you and good point. You answered your own question. Furthermore, there was NO DNA under her fingernails as detectives misled her brother and mother with. The autopsy does not support that claim nor the claim that Chanin was beaten. Simply not true. False narrative to inflame the jury. This is also discussed in earlier postings.

Clay DID NOT have spyware on his computer to spy on Chanin. Again, false. The key logger software was loaded onto a family desktop computer. Search history showed that Chanin was searching for a bedroom apartment or home in Marysville, WA. When confronted, Chanin denied her involvement in the search by blaming it on the younger children, because apparently every ten year old searches for apartments in random cities they have never been to.

It was actually so that Chanin could be near Rick Bolen to pursue an year old affair. So, Rick told Jolen that he was going to attend a Whitworth College football game as an excuse to go to Spokane to meet with Chanin, which he did.

It had nothing to do with football. What is the current status of all Post Conviction actions that could help exonerate Starbuck by getting him a new trial. Im a PI working in Oregon with a number of PCR Wins over ten years.

I have several ideas that I do not see asked about here…. could someone get back to me? I first heard of this case through watching the Forensic Files documentary on it. It portrayed Clay as obviously guilty, so I was surprised to see this persuasive defense of him — and it is convincing, the prosecution case seems to be badly flawed. A woman was murdered shortly after washing her hair. Her boyfriend was charged with the crime after his DNA was found on her I think under her fingernails.

The prosecution and their DNA analyst argued that the washing would have removed all his DNA. After he had been convicted, new scientific evidence was found casting doubt on whether washing would have removed all the DNA, and the DNA analyst wanted to retract her testimony, but law enforcement rejected that. His conviction is now in doubt, but the authorities are unmoved. I wonder what his thoughts are on this case? Drew Starbuck. If you are now stating this, why is this scenario about the golf course path walk home, in ANY court documents?

Thus, taking you in front of that camera. So why did your attorneys not even mention this in either the trial or in the appeal? This is a crucial piece of evidence, and during the trial, that is when you would think, that you would need to be very clear. During the Dateline interview the reporter states:.

What are you saying, that their memories are bad? Clay, this is one of the reasons why the jury of your peers, found you guilty. According to court reports and statements by your attorney, you never said this change in path during the trial. Were the break ins thoroughly investigated? If someone else broke into her home it seems possible that they could have killed her.

I find it very interesting that he said:. So Clay, everyone lies? Except you? Or does everyone else lie and mislead? Ah, the webs we weave…. Not at all saying that ALL people lie… but you may be shocked to find out how many do, most especially within the system of justice when lives are at stake. These five kids had their mother AND their father taken from them. The true murderer is still at large. Does that bother you? Do the lies not matter? The comment was taken out of context and is the only thing they could find to use.

You stupid bitch. It really is that simple. They could only narrow it down to Starbuck male. It all depends on the quantity, quality and care of the DNA sample. No Philip, the DNA was not narrowed down to male Starbuck DNA. It was not even narrowed down to which of the 19 entries of people at the scene transferred the DNA. Yes, WSP is the only facility that conducted these minimal tests that did not match Clay to anything tested. Of the limited items tested, they did not have an autosomal DNA match to Clay.

Incorrectly and very misleadingly at trial, Steinmetz, Ricketts and Lorraine Heath state the DNA was a match when it was not. There may have been a few alleles that were similar or the same, but that is the case looking at law enforcement and medical assistants whom also transferred DNA around the scene.

It was not a STR match profile. We have correspondence where Chanin used these names and variances with trysts. They wish they did, but they did not know her. It is not male Starbuck DNA. Clay needs to get in touch with Kathleen T. If anyone can help free an innocent man, Ms. Zellner is it. As far as Chanin goes, maybe she should have been smarter about having sex with strange men she met online and not been so promiscuous.

And a Church going Mormon? My ass. Chanin sounds like a tramp who made dumb decisions, just to get laid. I hope Clay gets his freedom back soon. He deserves it. Clay is not innocent. I was so touched by the story that I had to reach out. Prayers for your family and Clay to be released. One sided half-truths. They were divorced. Only Chanin needed to get out and date? One month of online dating and then the camera bought for security oh no for her Chanins computer so she could web cam.

Chanin was murdered seems like the prosecution went with the role Chanin was playing to protect her privacy using Clay as a blame to cover it turned on Chanin because there was nobody who really knew what she was up to.

Dangerous game and deadly. Chasing skirts while not married, is way different than meeting multiple strangers online and meeting to have sex, in your own home, where you children live is just asking for trouble. Clay hung himself on that one with his own statements and the drive with the detectives on the route he took.

Might have been on line a lot but she was only being sexually active with the two men that were thoroughly investigated. That call was pivotal in this case. Clay did not count on that. The timeline was fixed at that point. Version of that part of this whole story. She became a dental hygienist and was enjoying her independence. Even in a sexual way. I hope this reply actually makes it on to the main page. If the lawyers were incompetent as she states and which was presented to the court of appeals but even there he was turned away.

I guess buy some lying judge. One who has no interest in the truth or Justice I suppose. You will not find an Innocence Project that will take your case on. If your story is not supported by fact or proven evidence against you they will not take it on. Did anyone consider a wife or girlfriend of the married guy?

Or were they sent out from Chanins phone? Clay Starbuck-guilty. It was stated that her texts show she mentions Marsh in several texts to these online acquaintances. Hello Ms. Kelly, Clay Starbuck replied to your questions. Good job, Spokane. The truth is the truth is the truth.

You should never convict an innocent person for something they did not do. October of John Charlton 28 years for the dismemberment murder of Seattle nurse mother of 3.

John Charlton online dating. Explanation: Ingrid Lyne was a nurse at Swedish Medical Center hospital in Seattle. Lyne met John Robert Charlton on dating Web site.

Lyne was divorced with three daughters. John Charlton had criminal record in 6 states. More info: Man sentenced to more than 27 years for killing, dismemberment of Renton nurse and mother. John Charleton was living near Spokane Washington in April he had a court date for a traffic ticket his DNA would be on file or look who he dated online ?

Eerie similarities with both Ingrid and Chanin.. It is not your fault, and it is not what you wanted, but you ended up being correct. Yes, everyone should watch the new series Forensic Files II — Last Gasp.

The program lays it all out, minus resemblance of truth. What if you are wrong? Recent comments are all over the board. You would just be making things up, much like Spokane Detectives. See how that works? Online dating is a craps game you do not know who you are meeting up with. Instead the prosecution completely left out this huge part of Chanins lifestyle. Clay Starbucks was divorced twice had four oops three children with Chanin.

Then when there is a question where as the prosecution could step up and look at the case further go deeper into the investigation listen to the people who matter in this horrible murder case which would be the four innocent young people who you have ordered them to not have a relationship with their Dad who they to this day support Clay.

Sadly you are the Justice systems bad apples. Should have stepped up respected this family not enforced your opinion and not your duty then used a no contact order to further the wounds. Because you are so right in that arena you have taken an oath to uphold the law in. Clay Starbucks worst fears for his wife and children put him in prison for life because the prosecution used that and put Clay in the predator role and took the stance Clay was in.

If this is not twisted and gross travesty of justice. Do you know how many people have multiple sex partners they met through online sites? Some people just enjoy sex with multiple partners without the love and romance side. This was not a judgement call. Sex is a private personal choice. Just feel if there is DNA or evidence not tested and there is 4 of the family members all on the same page have the same thoughts due to they live with the victim.

and know the truth why punish them not acknowledge them and why no contact why why why?? Better Safe than Sorry? What if? All questions and evidence answered and tested. Starbucks Kids had the courts punish them using victim as the excuse when they were exactly opposite. We concur and are not hating, either. It is what is it is and that should have come out to defend oneself.

This dangerous at-risk activity was not just a one month issue. Personally, we believe the camera was used for vehicle safety during her vacation trip, and nothing to do with family or ex-family. Some may feel it was odd to return a camera for full refund a few months after purchase, but that is how she grew up.

When done, they placed it all back in boxes for a satisfaction guaranteed refund. Chanin needed someone to set it up for her. Actually I was quite surprised Doug could figure it out with or without instructions. He never was responsible for putting the handy in handyman.

Once again Kathy Starbuck Nasholm has no clue of what she is talking about. Our family was heavily involved in scouting. We had every piece of camping equipment under the sun. I used to work at Kmart when I was in high school and told stories about people buying camping equipment and returning it when they were finished. Way to many coincidences for clay Duane Starbuck to explain away. Chanin shared those stories of buying, using and returning camping supplies.

Not all, but some purchases made for kids in your family to have fun at New Smyrna Beach. It happened as Chanin said it did or she lied to our family about it. Chanin had already passed. Austin kept that opener in his truck, again several days after Chanin passed. When the landlord contacted Austin for a walkthrough, he wanted to go to work and did not want to be involved.

Clay also let the furnace repair person in to replace a motor on a different day. All logged. That is not coincidence, but just how it happened. It is all after the house was turned over to the family. NOTHING to do with time before Dec. The homeowner was aware of the leaky toilet in the master that Chanin asked Clay to repair when it leaked through the floor.

There is plenty of history of Chanin lying to her family concerning her relationships. We are sorry for your loss, it is not easy on any of her family members, especially the ones that lived through her reckless actions. If you could, please provide the dates of her vacation to visit you in Florida at the end of July into August There were three guys she stayed with Salt Lake, Altamonte Springs, and back in Spokane when she was supposed to have her children.

They had to save face by keeping it out of court. I could care less how many partners she had. If you weigh that against the manner in which she died, yes it absolutely matters and that garbage is important to the case. Major Crimes did Chanin and Clay and their children a great disservice by treating hearsay as evidence and not following the evidence.

During his appeal after conviction, did his lawyers attempt to have that information included as opposed to the trial judge excluding it and if so, what was their response?

Post conviction appeal has to be on issues that were on record of the Trial. These issues must also be preserved correctly. Public Defender, Derek Reid, did not investigate trysts enough to argue appropriately the importance of other suspect evidence. This permitted Appellate Judge Korsmo to easily side with his buddy Prosecutor Steinmetz as to other suspects would be cumulative proclivities when it clearly was not. If cumulative at any level would be dangerously cumulative. Specifically, Korsmo stated Chanin was beaten so badly as to cause a brain injury.

Aikens and Steinmetz at trial, these comments were never made. So in effect, Korsmo made up even more lies, added it to his official write up, then swears to it to manipulate legal outcomes, individuals and families lives for no reason other than to serve himself.

If you want private investigators, Lawyers or any Innocence Projects to take you seriously, I would start by being a better human being Both of you!!!!

Before you tell me I need to be a better human, take into consideration that you could be very wrong and might owe me an apology.

So, Phillip what is your take on the new vibrator packaged in lovers package gift wrapping that, Clay gave Chanin? You think twice married four children on and Chanin had no issues with her children going with Clay. Clay fixed her computer. Had a key to her house. Clay knew about the fears Chanin was having wanted a gun and cameras? Just think Clays fears for Chanins lifestyle not because of her but her safety because she might not like someone anymore and they might not feel the same.

I would say that the strangers in chanins life deserved being investigated. The gun Chanin had was not for Clay. Chanin and Clay shared children they no longer were together but very attached. Children were a big attachment. For anyone to overlook the strangers who had sexual or if any relations with Chanin be ignored?

Maybe someone snapped because of jealousy of Clay? Maybe Chanin was in a relationship with Clay and who she was having sex with got pissed off because they were not exclusive.

People snap it could have been one of many scenarios. Thanks, Kathy. Someone else did this. Again, not Clay. Chanin told her dental school friends it came from Clay. Then her mother spouted off about things she knows nothing about. The gift bag, note and empty packaging were found in her dresser. You think twice married four children FALSE. Five children on and Chanin had no issues with her children going with Clay. Chanin had changed the locks on the house twice, once when Clay was living in Alaska and not even around…so which one of her trysts was she afraid of??

Gifts processed in this system are not tax deductible, but are predominately used to help meet the local financial requirements needed to receive national matching-grant funds. After slipping on an icy driveway and breaking her ankle, Ali Levine underwent three surgeries.

Twitter Email Reddit SMS By Thomas Clouse tomc spokesman. com The Spokesman-Review Newspaper Local journalism is essential. Subscribe now to get breaking news alerts in your email inbox Get breaking news delivered to your inbox as it happens. Sign up. Chanin Starbuck was 42 at the time of her death. There was some evidence that shows had Chanin had been plagued with a prolonged period of suffering. Her ex-husband Clay reported to the police officers that she had been dating numerous men through online dating and had relationships with multiple men and assumed that one of her partners could be the perpetrator.

However, Clay Starbuck was convicted and taken into custody for a murder trial for Channin in To support and release him, an Instagram account, convicted. criminals and a Facebook page titled, Starbuck Family — Free Clay is made to give him justice. Although Clay Starbuck does not have an official Wikipedia made in his name.

However, regarding the age, we assume that Clay is in his early 50s. Moving on towards his family, Clay and her ex-wife, Chanin, have been married and divorced twice in their lifetime. The ex duo first married in before divorcing in March

On the second day of testimony in the Clay Starbuck murder trial, testimony from the Starbuck children and the introduction of graphic images were shown to the jury to show how she was found after she was killed. They have repeatedly said they think their father is innocent of killing their mother Chanin. Up until now, the Starbuck kids have had to wait out in the hallway outside the courtroom.

As witnesses, they were barred from the courtroom. The state is using pictures to put the jury in the same room where Chanin was attacked. Most of the imagery are very graphic, showing that Starbuck had been beaten from head to toe and was also posed after her death to further degrade her. The prosecution says positioning is the work of a jealous husband who wanted to make it look like Chanin had been killed by one of her new boyfriends.

Also on Tuesday, detectives walked the jury through the home, room by room but then returned to the bed where Chanin was found. After the photos were admitted as evidence the defense took the opportunity to talk about evidence that was overlooked.

For example an open gun safe in the bedroom that contained some adult sex toys and condoms was not fingerprinted. Contests Newsletters Apps Jobs. Graphic court testimony shows how Chanin Starbuck died May 14, PM. Jeff Humphrey. Posted: May 14, PM. Updated: May 14, PM. by Jeff Humphrey. Top Stories. Forecast , Morning Sprint , Weather.

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of Commerce. Highway 2 over Stevens Pass to remain closed into Monday. No-Li Brewhouse hosting first ever Oktoberfest celebration.

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Chanin starbuck online dating - Want to meet eligible single man who share your zest for life? Indeed, for those who've tried and failed to find the right man offline, online dating can  · Starbuck then used his ex-wife’s phone to text message two men she’d met through online dating websites, posing as her. Chanin Starbuck had been a stay-at-home mom  · He said he met Chanin Starbuck in mid-September Marshal, left, Pearson said Clay Starbuck began volunteering information about Chanin’s secret online dating life  · Clay Starbuck claimed Chanin met men online, and slept with them. Police found evidence of Chanin’s relationships on her laptop computer. Chanin’s sons told a newspaper Chanin Starbuck is a mother of five looking forward to a fresh start after divorcing her ex husband, Clay. She starts dating online and meets several men who appear to be nice guys,  · year-old Loghan Starbuck was last seen on December 18, in Cheney, Washington. Her older brother, Blake, told Dateline that Loghan is very driven. “She won't take ... read more

I followed this case closely. Chauncey sated that she married Clay Starbuck in and finalized the divorce in I asked what the jury said they convicted him on, not what they were told by the police and the prosecution and not your opinion that their reasons were all fabricated. It was not even narrowed down to which of the 19 entries of people at the scene transferred the DNA. Why would you assume it was a middle finger. There were at least 19 residences that detectives did not document talking to anyone.

It was not that I was ignoring them. She stated Clay knew that he had her between and rock and a hard place during then. Ah, the webs we weave…. Ricketts report where he states a camera was found on chanin starbuck online dating house that would have had to be the way he walked. They did not search any of the vehicles. Popular Articles 'Like Lord of the Flies on drugs': A look inside violent Camp Hope.